Makeshift 2012

Talk about inspiration. The moment I heard about the Makeshift event being put on by Alabama Chanin, I quickly made a mad dash to RSVP.

The event which took place at The Standard Hotel featured Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin, Maria Cornejo of Zero + Maria Cornejo, Roseanne Cash and Jessamyn Hatcher, a professor of Global Liberal Studies at NYU. It was a discussion about DIY, craft of all kinds and making.

Throughout the evening the words connection, designing and making and phrases like loving your thread and worn stories kept coming up. Each speaker spoke about their connection to textiles and the story behind each garment, some garments have a stronger story and hold a stronger connection to an individual. It’s a concept that gets you thinking about your clothes and beyond just the clothes but where did they come from. It’s a thought I think of often when I read labels for country of origin and try to imagine whose hands my garment passed through. I think in many cases we don’t spend too much time thinking about it. But when we do it makes you realize the interconnectedness in the world.

Of course since apparel was the topic of conversation, textiles comes into play and not only the creation of textiles but also their disposal once they become old and worn. Those things we have a connection to tend not to be disposed of so quickly and easily but those with less sentimental value end up being discarded. Perhaps they are given away to someone who may have a greater need for the item. More and more we hear about textiles being reused and transformed which makes me think of the Boucharouite carpets the Berber women in Morocco make. These wonderfully colorful carpets are made of fabric scraps. These scraps come from garments children no longer fit into or damaged textiles or really anywhere they can be found.

While speakers spoke and shared their stories, the audience listened while getting creative through fill in the blanks of a song and finger knitting. At the end I took the opportunity to introduce myself to Natalie Chanin who despite being busy with others wanting to chat with her was very gracious and calm. I must admit that being in that kind of creative environment left me feeling happy, inspired and so full of ideas. It was a great reminder to see so many people come together who believe in preserving craft, taking the time to make the crafts and truly be a part of the process. And also a wonderful reminder to keep sharing the work of the Moroccan artisans with you.

Here are some images of the evening….enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!




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